Access to Unique Study Opportunities

We ONLY charge a flat, monthly rate. There are no surprises or extra fees. Your bill is the same every month.
Utilizing proprietary technologies, our business intelligence team tracks the clinical development pipeline of more than 800 different pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We monitor analytics in real-time to ensure that you receive study opportunities aligned with your strategic business plan.

Strategies Tailored to your Unique Needs

We focus on our clients first and manage our business on your ever-evolving needs. Wer strive to determine the most beneficial collaboration between our companies to build strong and trusting partnerships.
We perform a comprehensive onsite evaluation to determine your interests, capabilities, and strategic business plan.Our company markets your site directly to Sponsors and CROs to facilitate your competitive advantage during site selection.

We Offer Unique Solutions

Our company strives to offer fresh solutions to our clients individual needs in order to facilitate new business growth for your company
Our experience in all phases in clinical development allows us a unique perspective on the challenges faced by research investigators.  Our teams work as an extension of your company to provide seamless integration with your existing clinical operations.

Why HUNT Services?

Therapeutic Areas of Focus

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With HUNT, you receive the advantages of geographic diversity, large patient populations, and extensive experience in clinical research studies.

Main Office: 3900 E Camelback Rd #145 | Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: 602.288.4681
Email: info@huntresearchservices.com

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